Designed to translate mix stage and exhibition theatre system sound field properties to sound design and screening rooms while retaining cinema standard measures of accuracy, frequency response, sound field dimensions and dynamic range.


Acoustic power bandwidth exceeds cinema standard headroom specifications
Compact and modular for near, mid and far distance to listener environments
Proprietary loudspeaker management DSP with switchable settings for all cinema standards
Secure sound field in open space yet truly appropriate for front projection perforated screen theaters
Utilizes adjustable side mounted bafflette panels to support screen wall or psuedo-soffit applications
No less than 6 surround speakers for a full surround sound field
Subwoofer can be used in arrays and controlled with DSP for Eigenmode control
Multi Channel-Multi Standard 1.0 thru 11.3 capable

SD SYSTEM configuration

3 - Main LCR speakers with a TAD-Pioneer 2001 compression driver working into a complex 90 X 40 horn and one 8” woofer in an infinite baffle. The mains cabinet is configurable to operate full range or as a mid/high frequency cabinet when used with Low Frequency Extension cabinets.
3 – Low Frequency Extension cabinets with dual 8” woofers in an infinite baffle cabinet.
3 – Subwoofers with 12” long throw pistons powered by integrated 1 kilowatt class D amplification
6 – Integrated dual channel JSX SDA2 class A /AB amplification, one channel per speaker
6 - Concentric 2 way surround speakers individually amplified and processed in an array
DSP processing programmed with JSX proprietary algorithms configurable to all cinema standards, formats and Sound Design System configurations. The DSP system can be IP addressed and can be remotely configured and set by JSX. Also available is a console mounted remote with a simple user interface for controlling the system.


THX certification for "Type 1" and

"Certified Home Theater"

submitted and pending.


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