Aaron Reiff
Director of Advanced technology

Aaron Reiff, who joined JSX in January of 2004 as Director of Advanced Technology, has many years of industry experience in the audio engineering and recording fields and has worked at some of the most prestigious audio engineering and entertainment companies in the world.

From 1996-2003, Aaron was the Chief Scoring Engineer at Skywalker Sound (a Lucas Film Limited Company) in San Rafael, California. At Skywalker Sound, he specialized in Ultra High Resolution Audio Research and Development, including power and grounding research for high-end audio systems. Aaron also designed complex recording and playback systems used to record orchestras and many top 40 bands. While performing his engineering and management responsibilities at Skywalker Sound, Aaron worked on many motion picture soundtracks including, Star Wars, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Contact, Spy Kids and many other noteworthy films.

Prior to his appointment at Skywalker Sound, Aaron was an Audio Engineer at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California. While working at the well-known and conspicuously round Capitol Records building, he designed and maintained state-of-the-art recording systems and worked with many famous recording artists.

Aaron has worked in many well-known recording studios in California. He was the Chief Engineer at the Devonshire Studio complex in North Hollywood, where he specialized in advanced system design. He was also part of the team that designed the recording facility for Mattel Toys.

Influenced by his musical family, Aaron became an accomplished musician at a very early age. Aaron’s outstanding mastery of the classical trumpet earned him the prestigious Semper Fidelis Scholarship for musical excellence. Playing trumpet and other instruments gave him a very keen sense of tonal perception and greatly increased his critical listening skills. He has successfully leveraged these advanced tonal abilities with his vast experience in the audio engineering and recording industries to become a top sound engineer.

Prior to these aforementioned appointments at Skywalker Sound, Capitol Records, and Devonshire, he was an independent engineer, mixer and producer, during which time he specialized in pop, jazz, rock and classical recording techniques. Additionally, from 1991 through 1993, Aaron was the Recording Engineer for the famous composer Gil Melle`. This endeavor increased Aaron’s knowledge of all music formats for film, TV, and broadcast.

Aaron has successfully combined his musical skills and engineering abilities for the purpose of designing superior power and recording systems that result in an outstanding listening experience for the customer.

Aaron has worked as a consultant for many professional production facilities, and has engineered custom high-end home cinema systems designed to provide the highest quality sound. He has also designed a low distortion Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for high end audio/video systems. The first units will be released June 2004.

Aaron is happily married and has a two-year-old son. When he is not designing audio systems, he enjoys hiking with his family and playing music.

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