Jerry Steckling
Chief Technology Officer
Long Standing Member

NARAS- National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences  Member

Contributor to Multi-channel Mixing Standards of the Producers and Engineers Wing


Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences

Theater Standards Committee  Member


Jerry Steckling, Chief Technology Officer, has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, acquired from decades of experience in the professional audio and entertainment fields. He was the Chief of Acoustic Engineering at Skywalker Sound, a division of Lucas Digital Ltd., where he designed, engineered, and implemented sophisticated sound systems at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and Industrial Light and Magic. Jerry set audio standards for the soundtracks of over 60 blockbuster movies and Academy-award winning films, including Finding Nemo, Saving Private Ryan, Monsters, Inc., Titanic, and Star Wars Episodes I and II.

Jerry is also the founder of JSX Audio and is an audio consulting firm that creates audio solutions and custom audio products for high-end home theatres and professional mixing and monitoring suites. JSX provides services to Skywalker Sound, Lucas Films, Pixar Animation Studios, Zoetrope, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and other renowned motion picture and audio companies. JSX also specializes in audiophile technology, speaker design, amplifier design, loudspeaker piston design, and the writing and implementation of sound system tuning and measurement standards for multi-channel work.

Prior to the foundation of JSX Audio and working at Skywalker Sound, Jerry was an independent audio engineer and technician and specialized in modifications and repairs of DASH and helical scan digital audio recorders, consoles, and processing equipment. Jerry was the owner and founder of RMS, an audio company that provided consultation and support for technical, acoustic, and electronic projects for the audio studio industry. The company specialized in the design and construction of modular recording studio control rooms. His clients included Mattel Toys, Backroom, and IRS Records. He also designed private sound studios for John Sykes, John Tesh and the acclaimed solo artist Yanni.

Jerry wrote and taught much of the Recording Engineering Program at the Grove School of Music. He personally taught Electronics, a one year course designed to teach students the basics of digital and analog equipment. Also taught Acoustics/Physics, a one year course in the anatomy of sound, psycho acoustic effects, and measurement techniques.

He has engineered a large number of albums, singles, commercials, and demos and has mixed sound for over 350 advertising campaigns with clients such as Northwest Airlines, ADM, Dairy Queen, and McDonalds.

He has engineered albums for Rocky Robbins (A&M), Yanni (Private Music), Slaughter, and many other artists. He has also recorded live albums or broadcasts for The Doobie Brothers, Manhattan Transfer, Devo, and Joe Ely. Prior to these endeavors, Jerry was a mixer and technician for concert and sound tours and worked for artists such as Anne Murray, Kiss, Ted Nugent, John Prine, Charlie Daniels, and The Righteous Brothers.

Jerry has designed cutting-edge theater speaker systems for TAD-Pioneer, an industry leader in the loudspeaker-manufacturing sector. He is also a member of the Theater Standards Committee for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, and the Audio Engineering Society. He has also filed patents for horn distortion reduction and horn directivity devices.

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