Electro-Acoustic Design

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jerry steckling 
small room Acoustics for high-end listening environments

Every aspect of the build is across the JSX transom -HVAC, clean electrical, all penetrations and isolation, sound-field and work flow.



  • Architectural acoustic design
  • Custom loudspeaker design and manufacturing
  • Acoustic testing
  • DSP schematic design
  • Loudspeaker calibration for immersive, 7.1, 5.1, stereo and music systems
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No single piece of your sound system will outperform well-engineered room acoustics.
JSX specializes in small and professional room acoustic design with passive and electronic devices.


                                                             Mission Statement 

 "JSX is an audio company of technical distinction that develops audiophile
solutions for real world audio installations and loudspeaker management.
JSX is committed to the best of the breed solutions for soundfield management
and is a source for real world soundfield and soundfield measurement standards."

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